The Art of Ceramics in the Amalfi Coast


Artistic Ceramics

Ceramics from the Amalfi Coast boast a history which dates back to the XV century. Even though the Amalfi Coast is lacking in the raw materials (such as clay), necessary for production of ceramic, we have evidence that the production of home furnishings, such as vases, plates, pottery took place in the Amalfi Coast due to ancient pottery and documents which were found.


The largest development in ceramic art took place above all in the little Amalfi Coast town of Vietri sul Mare, that, from the XVIII century had already become famous for its hand painted ceramics. The numerous ceramic factories, or so called faience factories with their large kilns and numerous commercial contacts with Sicily, Tuscany and other areas of the Mediterranean made way for the significant development and diffusion of ceramic production and has now become a truly modern industry.


The numerous artists that have visited the Coast of Amalfi area over the centuries have also influenced the production of ceramics in the Amalfi Coast.

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